What do you carry with you?

survival-kitEvery person needs a pocket-sized collection of tools for their adventures big and small. Pockets are for cramming full of the things, why else have them? Don’t get us wrong this is not an EDC, post-apocalyptic, zombie survival kit, it’s handy pocket kit.


A small knife. It is best to save up for a high-end knife, though this won’t be a do all and be all knife it should be handy enough for the little things. You could get a decent multi-tool for the same price which is useful for all sorts of little jobs. We went for just the knife on its own, it’s a little lighter and we don’t really use the other things. We also added in a little bottle opener as they always come in handy.


Button items. We decided to put in a little button compass as it’s handy to know where north is. We also found a little magnifying glass, to spot things of interest and if needs be a little fire lighter.

Fire lighting tools. Obviously, you need to be responsible. A way of creating fire can be very useful for a cold night. We choose to use a fire steel, they are relatively cheap and last for such a long time. However, matches in a little bag or a lighter work just as well. And let’s face it, every child is a pyromaniac.

Paracord. The string that keeps on giving, inside there are lots of different pieces of string. We chose to wrap ours up into a bracelet so its a little more compact. The string has thousands of uses and sometimes you can pass the time by practising your knots.


Water purification tablets. Adventuring is thirsty work so we thought it would be nice to have a little water purification kit with us just in case we need a taste of some refreshing H20.


A small glowstick. There are many different shapes and sizes of torches nowadays. If you are ever in darkness and trying to read a map, a light of any kind will be sure to come in handy.img_2123Painkillers and Plaster. Just a couple, this is really the only just in case item we chose to put in our box but we thought considering the contents of our little box; we may get the odd scratch.


Sewing Kit. A little sewing kit can always come in handy for repairing those pesky nicks in your clothing from stumbling over a fence or perhaps suturing a wound.



This is by no means and extensive list and what we put in our box might be completely different to what you put in your box. It’s your box put in things that are useful to you.
What items would you put in your box? Is there anything we missed? Please feel free to comment on our blog, we appreciate any feedback.

Why not try something new?

In this modern age of smartphones and smart TVs, there is still a place for knots, bivouacs, and tales of incredible fortitude.  The one thing people always seem to say about their childhood is that they wish they had spent more time being a child and less time trying to grow up. This is a blog dedicated to recapturing tour weekends and those long summer days – because, as long as you know how to look, you can discover your inner child once more.Boys.jpgChildhood is all about curiosity and for me I enjoyed nothing more than tales of heroism such as Scott of the Antartic or the defense of Rorke’s Drift as much as I enjoyed working in the garden with my grandparents. You’ll find heroic stories on this blog, camp crafts, and skills – as well as great books, how to’s and childhood throwbacks.

Scottgroup.jpgHow do I navigate using the stars? How can I make a whistle with a branch and a knife, or what knots can I use to make a shelter? You’ll find the answers on this blog. I am no woodsman, I am no expert, this blog is a way of sharing my experience of learning new skills and retelling old stories.img_0205The stories of courage can be read as simple reads – or perhaps as inspiration, examples of extraordinary acts by extraordinary people. Not only do these stories put into perspective how lucky we are in our modern lives rather they are part of who we are and how we are standing on the shoulders of giants.


This blog is not a campaign for ‘making this great again’ nor will it use the phrase ‘back in my day’. Children today are the same as they always were, interested in trying new things and exploring the world around them. They may have different struggles and conquer different worlds, but we can learn from the past to inform our future.the-martian.jpg

When you grow up you realise everything changes, but when you are a child you know different. The camp you make today will be in your memory forever. The skills you learn today may help you in the future; no matter how far away that may be. The most dangerous six words in our language are ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ Why not try something new, why not?